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Immersive cultural exhibitions

“We must cultivate our own garden”

Prepare your mind, body and spirit to experience a 360 ° immersive art exhibition in Jardin des Nations’, Syllepse. The first season, from September 2021 to February 2022, will provide an exclusive opportunity to discover a show inspired by the works of the famous painter Vermeer.

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Enjoy a drink or picnic with family and friends

The Jardin des Nations also aims to showcase the importance of supporting local supply chains. Vendors and food trucks featured at the farmers market will offer an array of food experiences, with responsible, delicious and locally sourced products!
Picnic and recreational areas are freely accessible within the Jardin.

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The Jardin des Nations will be a hub for entertainment and social engagement. You’ll be able to participate in an array of activities – discussions at citizens’ workshops, gardening classes, learning about healthy eating, immersing yourself in the works of great artists, enjoying concerts with friends and much more.


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The Jardin des Nations is a completely unique public space and totally open to Genevans until 2024. The Jardin is perfect for hosting all kinds of events and occasions, can be accommodated outside, in the grass, or inside Syllepse.

Events held should be in keeping with the spirit of the place: environmental responsibility, originality, open and mutually supportive citizenship, relaxation and collaboration.


Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers grown in the Genève Cultive Potager des Nations will be available at our local farmers market. The market will be focused on featuring locally grown and made products.
At this time of year, fabulous organic beetroots and squash, as well as organic herbs and teas (rosemary, verbena, mints, sage) are for sale every day.
I support local, and I love it!

The ecosystem of the Jardin des Nations

Jardin des Nations and its Genevan partners will host as you enjoy time together, immerse yourselves in the greatest artworks, learn to plant vegetables, buy local produce, attend concerts, get to know the women and men of international organisations, while being actively engaging meaningful dialogue about the design of the future of our city.

The Jardin des Nations is founded on the spirit of collaboration, community and inclusiveness. It provides a 4-hectare public space for us to give ourselves a period of more than three years to reflect, discuss, disagree, consult and compare ideas, in order to reach a positive consensus towards achieving sustainable and responsible development.


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