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Dear friends of the Jardin des Nations,

For the past three years, we have been working together on the exciting project of developing the “Jardin des Nations” site. We have shared some powerful moments, little by little shaping a space that resembles us and brings us together, a place where we can meet and share our common ambitions.

The participatory approach to transitional urban planning that we have adopted has proved its effectiveness, transforming this project into a real collective success. The richness of the contributions made by each of the participants and players has been essential, and it is in this continuity that we hope to write the next chapter of our project.

We are therefore delighted to announce the launch of a new participatory phase, that of re-naming our project.

Why a new name?

Because we believe that the evolution of our project and our vision, particularly with the rich work we’ve done, should be reflected in its name, to better represent the values, aspirations and spirit of the project as a whole. 

How can you get involved?

Submit your name suggestions below. The deadline for participation is June 1st. After the submission period closes, project leaders and local authorities will meet to select a panel of names. These will then be put to a vote by the Jardin des Nations community.

We’re counting on you for this next stage. Send us your most original and evocative ideas. Together, let’s choose a name that captures the essence of our community and our future aspirations.


Rename the project

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