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Le Jardin des Nations sera ouvert dès le mardi 23 avril

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Transitional urbanism project

A unique experience, designed for Genevans to get the most out of living in a city and cultivating a new integrative communal space together.

From this summer to 2024, the transitional urbanism site will be launched as the ‘Jardin des Nations’ (‘Garden of Nations’). The location, which was previously inaccessible, is at the corner of Route des Morillions and rue Michelle Nicod in Geneva, behind the International Labour Office.

The garden will be the first of its kind in Switzerland, and will include, market gardens, a refreshment room, leisure areas, exchange workshops and a cultural space, which will create exciting links between the international community and Genevans. This new temporary living space will delineate the shape of our new world: more sustainable, more responsible, more inclusive and more collaborative. It will also be a strong indicator of a return to a more balanced and harmonious way of life in a changing world: a world in which we have to ‘tend to our gardens better’, in both literal and figurative senses of the term.

Women chatting on a garden party

Why Transitional Urbanism?


To reconcile and create links between international and local communities in Geneva


To help local young entrepreneurs to expand and grow


To build a culture of trust, confidence, and a reinvigorated sense of community and collaboration within the city


To jointly inspire the city of tomorrow by protecting the environment and contributing collectively towards the fight against climate change


To create a different experience of our region, our city, its gardens, its culture, its products and inspiration from other people


To pave the way forward for the future of this space and for our neighbourhoods


To be a local hub for inspiring, encouraging and contributing towards innovation and creativity


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Jardin des Nations is always interested in developing new new projects and activities that may interest you.

Please contact us if you would like to share ideas and suggestions of what you would like to see or experience!