The ecosystem of the Jardin des Nations

The Jardin des Nations transitional urbanism concept is based on a collaborative approach, bringing together various local producers to enable them to develop their businesses

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In Geneva, the “La Barje” association, created in 2004, is now well known, with a reputation as being of real public benefit: at the Jardin des Nations, “La Barje” has been chosen to manage the refreshments bar area.

The offer will include local beers, the famous homemade lemonade, artisan and local produce, a pétanque court, live gigs and a cultural program as well as some internship positions for young people.

Tuesday and Thursday 4.00 to 9.30 pm
Friday 3.00 to 9.30 pp
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 am to 6.00 pm

Taking agriculture to the city with the Genève Cultive association, which has been supporting the development of urban agriculture and biodiversity in the Canton of Geneva since 2015.


Through its many activities, Genève Cultive raises awareness of local, seasonal, environmentally friendly food production. The association also campaigns for green spaces to be taken into account in future urban development projects, with the aim of developing sustainable cities and communities and combating climate change. Genève Cultive is implementing a new approach to agriculture at the heart of the Jardin des Nations by setting up “Le Potager des Nations”, an agro-ecological urban market garden covering 3,500 square metres. This urban farm is a real focal point for discussion and interaction between members of the international organisations and Genevans – a place for living, learning, talking and sharing through inclusive participatory projects, courses and workshops. All are welcome to come and buy fresh, seasonal produce, to learn the basics of gardening and to discover the benefits of healthy and local grown food.

This urban farm is a real focal point for exchange and encounters between members of the international organisations and Genevans, a place for living, learning, talking and sharing through participatory projects, courses and workshops.

All are welcome to come and buy fresh, seasonal produce, to learn gardening basics and to discover the benefits of healthy, local food.

Find out about the collaborative and agro-ecological urban micro-farm project


A festive atmosphere at the Jardin’s Grand Opening with Antigel

On 28 August, Antigel, in partnership with the Jardin, has the honour of inviting the citizens of city of Geneva, to the inauguration of the Jardin des Nations. The program offers an exploratory tour of the site, concerts combining psychedelic music and blues and featuring top groups L’Éclair and The Two, tasty treats and local products, DJs, market gardening and a unique immersive 360 *gallery exhibiton in the Syllepse!

2:30 p.m. OPENING● Workshops for everyone about gardening and seasonal food● Visits of the vegetable garden of Genève Cultive● Original immersive projections● Market with local products● Refreshment bar
5:00 p.m. DJ SET
7:00 p.m. Concerts with L’ECLAIR ET THE TWO


La Ruche is a non-profit organisation that with the mission of reintegratating people in dangerous situations

The purpose of the organisation is to coordinate and supervise reintegration activities. The persons being assisted are vulnerable people, suffering from isolation within society and who socio-culturally require accommodation for assistance and security.

In partnership and collaboration with the Jardin des Nations, La Ruche offers these people jobs in maintenance and cleaning of the Garden, waste and sorting management or maintenance work order to helps them to earn an income and reintegrate.

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Genève Tourisme


The Jardin des Nations is an official partner of Genève Tourisme. Our immersive show is part of the Geneva City Pass and the Geneva Resort Pass.

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Learn more about the activities offered at the Jardin des Nations

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Jardin des Nations is always interested in developing new new projects and activities that may interest you.

Please contact us if you would like to share ideas and suggestions of what you would like to see or experience!

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