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The co-creation approach

Let's imagine the city of tomorrow together

Le Jardin des Nations will open a remarkable chapter of transitional urbanism to collectively shape what this evolving space will become tomorrow. This site will also be dedicated to fostering dialogue between citizens and urban development stakeholders, aiming to build the city of the future, to live differently in one’s neighborhood, city, consumption, mobility, and nature.

Le Jardin des Nations will be an incubator of concrete ideas and a nursery for collective intelligence, fostering a culture of trust and renewing urban planning practices by defining new uses to be implemented throughout our cities and villages.


How to do better together?

Le Jardin des Nations aims to be the remarkable resource that will enable the opportunity to grow the city differently—a city that is more pleasant, sustainable, eco-friendly, and safe. After a period disrupted by COVID, we need a breather, a time for reflection and exchange to outline a new framework for living and new uses.

To live differently in your territory, city, village, streets, gardens, culture, products, mobility, eco-responsibility, and relationships with others and their ideas, let’s think and act together. Geneva could thus reconcile its diverse worlds and envision its future territory as an open-air laboratory, in a demanding environment where the individual has the final say.

Before the establishment of a project that will be built through full co-creation, we are convinced that the creative, cultural, and social vibrancy of this unique new place in Geneva will forge lasting connections, transitioning from a planner-driven urbanism to one that is more contextual, sustainable, forward-looking, and, above all, more shared.

A decisive first step

The future of Le Jardin des Nations at Grand Morillon is gradually taking shape through various workshops and dialogues with urban planning professionals, relevant associations, the landowner (Seraina Investment Foundation), neighbors, and the general public. A decisive step took place on November 10, 2021, at Le Jardin, with the public presentation of the initial intentions resulting from the consultation of the first six workshops organized since the end of August.


A second step achieved

Following the first six co-creation workshops and the public presentation in November 2021, the dialogue around the future of Le Jardin des Nations continued throughout the year, with a decisive step in the fall of 2022.

Three teams of young urban planners from Geneva, Lausanne, and Zürich were selected to further develop the master plan. The goal was to find the best approach to address all the challenges and constraints of the plot while creating the best possible project.

If you would like to know more, read our full article on the second phase of the co-creation.


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