An innovative co-creation approach - Phase 2

Following the first 6 co-creation workshops and the public restitution in November 2021, the dialogue around the future of the Jardin des Nations continued throughout the year with a decisive step in the fall of 2022.

Starting from the 4 guiding principles issued during the first phase of co-creation, the Urban Planning Office and the owner of the land decided to deepen the reflection on the masterplan in order to find the best approach to meet all the challenges and constraints of the plot while achieving the best possible project.


To do this, three offices of young planners have been selected:

  • The Alberto Figuccio studio (Geneva);
  • Nicolas De Courten architects office (Lausanne);
  • The Raum404 office (Zürich)


Le COPIL, les experts et les invités présents lors de la restitution finale du 11 octobre 2022. Sur les écrans géants de la citerne immersive du Jardin des Nations, le projet présenté par le bureau Nicolas De Courten architectes (Lausanne).


To challenge urban planners, a committee of experts has been set up. The objective was to have a representative panel of skills with technical experts (architects, urban planners, professors, landscapers, experts in sustainability and the real estate market, etc.) and representatives of local associations (the Associations des Habitants du Petit-Saconnex and Swiss Heritage Geneva in particular) to analyze the proposals from the angle of multiple skills. In addition, a steering committee (COPIL) has been set up with the city and canton’s town planning departments, the heritage and sites office, the project developer and the land owner, to assess and choose consensually the best possible project.


The kick-off was given on July 1, 2022.

During this day, the town planning offices were able to learn about the project, discuss with the COPIL as well as with the representatives of Urbaplan who had drawn up the first version of the masterplan.

After two months of intense work, the town planning offices came to present their respective projects. The COPIL and the guests present (residents, collaborators of International Geneva, cantonal and municipal authorities, neighborhood or environmental defense associations, etc.) were able to challenge them during a half-day of discussions.


La présentation du bureau Raum404 (Zürich) lors de la restitution finale du 11 octobre 2022.


On October 11, the final restitution took place

After careful consideration and following discussions with experts, the project of the studio Alberto Figuccio (Geneva) was chosen by the COPIL as the basis for the future neighborhood plan. The latter was indeed the one who best preserved “the genius of the place” and the values ​​of the Jardin des Nations:

  • Conservation of a very large part of the land in the ground in order to offer a park that visitors can appropriate while preserving the biodiversity present on site;
  • Conservation of major site trees;
  • Home of several built units to ensure a diversity of uses;
  • Creation of living space(s) with shops, local services, meeting spaces;
  • Great ambitions in terms of sustainable development.

Currently, the urban planners and landscaping offices mandated for this second phase of co-creation are working on the basis of this new masterplan, to develop the Localized Neighborhood Plan which will be put to the survey during 2023.


During this time…

Don’t forget that the transitional urban planning project of the Jardin des Nations is also continuing its mission by offering a new living space(s) in the heart of International Geneva! The team has some great surprises in store for you for 2023 and is currently working on a new program, to be discovered in the spring.

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Deux visiteurs au Jardin des Nations, découvrant les produits du Potager.


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