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Le Jardin des Nations sera ouvert dès le mardi 23 avril

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An innovative co-creation approach

Let’s design the future of our city together

The Jardin des Nations will mark the start of an exciting period of transitional urbanism, allowing us to plan the future of this changing space together. The site will also be dedicated to dialogue between citizens and urban developers to build the future of our city, for us to enjoy a different and more sustainable approach towards the experiences within our neighbourhoods/and city, towards consumption, mobility and nature.

The Jardin des Nations will be an incubator for practical ideas and a hub for collaboration, in order to establish a culture of community and trust, and to reinvigorate urban planning by developing new ideas to enrich and enliven our cities and neighbourhoods.


How to do better together?

The Jardin des Nations is intended to be an inspiring resource that encourages us to rethink the development and evolution of our city, to become more pleasant, sustainable, environmentally responsible and safe. After a period of disruption due to COVID-19, our residents need spaces to breathe and time for reflective discussions, around designing the development and functionalities for new designated communal areas.

Let us think and act together to create a transformation in the experience of our region, city, neighbourhoods, roads, gardens, culture, products, mobility, environmental responsibility, and other ideas. Geneva can unite and harmonise its culturally diverse society, in a blue-sky laboratory initiative, that considers the the ideas and opinions of all individuals.

Before embarking on the construction of a permanent project, we aim to use this new collaborative, culturally unique Genevan location to create sustainable connections, explore possibilities and shift the urban planning perspective towards an urbanism that is more contextual, more sustainable, more forward-thinking and above all more integrative and inclusive.

A decisive stage

The future of the Jardin des Nations in Grand Morillon is gradually taking shape through the various exchange and dialogue workshops with urban development professionals, the partnered associations, the owner of the land (Seraina Investment Foundation), the neighbours and the general public.

On 10 November 2021, a decisive objective for the Jardin was set in motion with the public restitution delivering feedback to determine the first 6 workshops organised since the end of August.

If you want to know more, read our full article on the first phase of collaboration.


A second step taken

Following the first six co-creation workshops and the public feedback in November 2021, the dialogue on the future of the Jardin des Nations continued throughout the year, with a decisive step in autumn 2022.

Three young urban planning offices (from Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich) were selected to further develop the master plan. The objective was to find the best approach to respond to all the challenges and constraints of the plot while achieving the best possible project.

If you want to know more, read our full article on the second phase of the co-creation.


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