Transitory Urban Project

A unique communal garden space offered to Genevans to create a transformation in urban living over the next three years in Geneva.

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Real Estate Project

Together, we pause and reflect on the values and principles of development of our city, our district/town, our Geneva

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Jardin des Nations events

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Our Upcoming Events
25 Mar 2023

Gardening workshop 2023 n°1

Jardin des Nations (Potager)

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13 May 2023

Gardening workshop 2023 n°2

Jardin des Nations (Potager)

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Enjoy unique and completely immersive artistic exhibitions, learn to garden, indulge in and purchase local products, relax with your family and share your dreams about a better city… Look no further, you’re at the Jardin des Nations!

giftAnd many more activities await you at the Jardin des Nations

The ecosystem of the Jardin des Nations

Jardin des Nations and its Genevan partners will host as you enjoy time together, immerse yourselves in the greatest artworks, learn to plant vegetables, buy local produce, attend concerts, get to know the women and men of international organisations, while being actively engaging meaningful dialogue about the design of the future of our city.

The Jardin des Nations is founded on the spirit of collaboration, community and inclusiveness. It provides a 4-hectare public space for us to give ourselves a period of more than three years to reflect, discuss, disagree, consult and compare ideas, in order to reach a positive consensus towards achieving sustainable and responsible development.


Join us in bringing to life the Jardin Des Nations. Become a member of the Genève Cultive Association. Become a member



The Jardin des Nations will be closed

from Nov 21st 2022 to March 31st 2023

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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